A lesson in our hobbies… being present

The more I am able to connect with my soul, the more I am able to see the tapestry of my life and how it has woven itself. I talked before about our failures and how each of them holds a lesson, when I am in deep contemplation, I am able to see how everything weaves together in my life. I am able to see repeated lessons in my failures, my anger, my agony, my pain. I am able to see repeated gifts in my passions. I am able to see how somehow, everything in the tapestry of my life like a gyro, layer upon layer upon layer, building, each mistake, each wrong choice, each time I did not honor myself or the choice of peace and love over greed or hate or pride or anger, is weaved together with gifts for honoring my natural talents and work.

In one particular contemplation, I was able to see how all of my hobbies  in fact were a way of honoring my soul. Each time I did something I love and applied work, be it physical or mental. Each time I chose to honor myself, I was rewarded with a gift.

Let me give you some examples. I always had a dream of scuba diving. Somewhere along the way, I never honored that. It was kind of like a bucket list item. Eventually, in my late 30s, I learned to scuba dive. Something just clicked for me, I began to realize how passionate I am about scuba diving. I am passionate about it, it is one of the most amazing things I have ever done.

I have always loved dancing… I cannot tell you when it started, but even as a teenager, I adored dancing in the underage dance clubs. In my twenties,  I spent every weekend dancing. Every Friday and Saturday night I was dancing. It could be club music, oldies, country and western, it didn’t matter, as long as I was dancing. I drove my friends nuts, I never wanted to go to parties, bars without music, go to the movies, I lived to dance on the weekends. A co-worker took me to a showcase the dance studio where she was taking ballroom dance classes. I ended up taking out a loan so  I could pay for dance classes at that studio the very next day. It was not inexpensive, and I didn’t make a lot of money as a young Airman in the Air Force. I didn’t care, I had found a love. Later, as I pursued my education, married and had children, my dancing days were mostly over with the exception of a night out here and there. When I divorced in my thirties and recently commissioned as an Officer in the Air Force, I had a little more disposable income, some great friends and I started taking dance lessons at a ballroom dance studio again.  The tapestry of life continues to weave itself and more changes occurred in life, and once again I stopped dancing. My love for dancing persists. I still feel a need to be dancing. I am now 45, but dancing still calls me. I love to line dance, swing, salsa, waltz, fox trot, it makes no difference to me, I just love to dance.

As I recently have begun to honor my soul, I realize that both dancing and scuba diving, two of my hobbies provide me with what I like to call blissful timelessness. It is that peak flow experience, it provides meditative tranquility to my soul. I am not meant to be a famous dancer, I am not meant to be Jacques Cousteau, I am meant to honor my soul and enjoy myself. I am meant to be present in the moment. All of my hobbies provide me with experiences that I love, experiences that make my heart sing.

If we can’t get lost in our work, have those moments that melt together and we are just in love with what we do, who we are. When every moment in our existence is flowing and we are learning from our lessons and letting go of expectation, we are not fulfilling our true purpose.

Think about those hobbies you love, how do you feel when you are honoring your soul?

Now think about your job. Do you lose yourself in your work? Do you forget time? Or do you come home miserable, sit on the couch, bark at your family, toss and turn in bed, dread the morning and repeat? When we do not honor our souls and honor our gifts our minds become ill. Depression takes hold, anger, hate and we start acting out. We become people we don’t recognize. When we do not honor ourselves, we choose lying, cheating, stealing, hatred, blame, guilt. This negative energy fuels more negative energy. Have you ever noticed that some people seem to have all the  good luck, all the opportunities, all the golden tickets and others seam to have drama and problems all the time?  The difference is in the choice to honor the soul or not. Our souls are inherently about peace and love and sharing and authenticity and integrity. Anytime we choose to not honor our true self, karma will deal us another lesson.

The person miserable in their life, will continue to attract misery. The person who honors their soul and finds their innate talents and gifts and honors them will be handed gifts. The talent and the dream are not complete without the work however. The work completes the magic trifecta.

Sometimes the work is facing a fear, sometimes it’s a difficult decision, an uncomfortable conversation, whatever causes us discomfort, there is a lesson there. But there is also a lesson in our joy. We are always provided with the opportunities to be authentic.  My hobbies have given me a place to honor my soul creatively. When I allow myself to be creative, I find joy and contentment. When I realize what joy and contentment and the magic of being present feel like, I am more able to understand the messages provided by my soul.

What I mean is, by honoring my soul and being present to experience all that it means to be human, all the beauty in the world, what it feels like to just dance for the sake of dancing, (scuba and dancing are only two of my many hobbies), I can see those moments of peak flow. I am able to fully understand what it means to be congruent, doing what I want because it feels good to my soul.

I now understand this as a gift. The more I honor my soul in pursuing my true passions, the more joy I feel. This sets me on a path of joy. When we honor our passions and feel good, we start to enjoy life more and see things more clearly. This positive energy can free your soul and gift your momentum. You can start honoring your soul in more ways, in your relationships, in your career, in your passions and gifts. When you are able to be present without worry of the future, without fear, without regret, without attachment and just experience life as it is, you will start to see things so clearly.

Honoring my hobbies and doing things that make my soul sing has given me an idea what the peak experience feels like, or what I like to call blissful timelessness, you know, those time flies when you are having fun experiences. Use that feeling to learn and recognize what congruence feels like. Your thoughts, your feelings, your actions.. the trifecta, are all in alignment. When you are completely authentic.

I started to notice which parts of my job provided a similar joy. I started to notice being on the beach, or in the woods, or exploring the wonders of nature, or the ocean, I started to notice my soul feel joy watching a bird fly, or watching the Thunderbirds perform. I began to notice family dinners, family game night, enjoying a heartfelt conversation with a friend. I began to notice the things that made my soul sing, those peak experiences. Which means I also started to notice what didn’t feel like that. Anytime I feel pain, anger, discomfort, fear, I am somehow sabotaging myself, choosing the path of least resistance.

Spend some time honoring your soul. Enjoy your passions, the ones that give you blissful timelessness, or moments of complete joy. Spend some time doing that, learn recognize that feeling. Next you can begin to honor your soul by noticing other times when you are easily present, when you are having a peak experience, when you are completely in the moment, right here and right now. Once you begin to recognize that congruence, when your head is completely in the game,  you will know also, when you are not. Every day you have a chance to change that feeling, by honoring your soul and facing your fear, or the consequences of your negative karma. Pay attention to the lesson next time you are filled with joy and be honest with yourself about what you are doing to prevent that same feeling in all of your life.

Free your soul today, spend a little time doing something you love.




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