Living Authentically

By definition, authenticity is the quality of being authentic.

The free soul is rare,but you know it when you see it-basically because you feel good,very good,when you are near or with them-Charles Bukowski.jpg

Living authentically means facing our fears head on, allowing ourselves to be vulnerable in order to love without abandon, to be true to who we are in the deepest parts of ourselves.

It takes courage to live authentically, but the rewards of doing so are nothing short of a miracle.

Living authentically means no longer seeking the approval of others, confronting our fears and challenging anything that no longer suits our authentic self.

It means removing the many masks we wear, because an authentic person is perfect in their flaws, accepts themselves as they are and no longer needs to be something other than what they are.

It means walking in your truth and not fearing what others may think or say or do, because we trust in our authentic self and know that we are on the right path. We do not need the approval of others, we do not fear their disapproval.

When we are living authentically, we live with passion for life itself, we find joy in the every day, we love fearlessly.

Figure out who you are. Who are you deep down? I find when something in my life is failing, I have been inauthentic in some way. Finding where I did something that was not authentic with my true self frees me from being a victim. I have the power to create my own life. Every choice I make is another chance to live my life authentically.


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